ISLAMABAD - Though 'special arrangements are made every year to overcome fire incidents in the Margalla Hills National Park area but the data compiled by the directorate of the authority says otherwise, as 2040.25 acres of forest area burnt in 309 fire incidents during past the 10 years. The figure speaks itself about the gravity of the losses occurred to wildlife and indigenous trees. However, the same report depicts that large-scale fire incidents that burnt forests spread over an area of 2040.25 acres astonishingly caused damage to only '57 dead pine trees along with bushes and grass. According to the data, during the year 2000, Margalla Hills witnessed 20 small and large scale fire incidents in which 88-acre area was burnt, damaging seven dead pine trees along grass and bushes. During years 2001-05, wild fire hit Margalla Hills 220 times and an area of 1442 acres was burnt, causing damage to only 34 dead pine trees, grass and bushes. During years 2006-10, excluding year 2009, 590.25-acre of Margalla Hills National Park area was burnt in 80 fire incidents, in which 20 dead pine trees were burnt along with bushes and grass. Among last ten years, year 2002 witnessed 62 fire incidents in which a record 548-acre of land was burnt. This data itself shows that there is something wrong behind these incidents of fire. As 2040.25 acres of forest area were charred but the record shows that only 57 dead pine trees were burnt in the incidents during the last ten years. The authoritys own record strengthens the doubts that the timber mafia after chopping precious trees might set the forest on fire to remove all possible traces of their crime. While, officials concerned all the time hold visitors and villagers as responsible. An official of CDA Environment Directorate, speaking on condition of anonymity, called for a comprehensive investigation into the fire incidents to fix the responsibility of the incidents. Meanwhile, a statement issued by CDA says, the Authority has made comprehensive arrangements and is taking concrete measures to overcome the threats of forest fire in Margallah Hills National Park (MHNP). A meeting in this regard was held here to review the arrangements for the fire season, presided by the Chairman CDA, Imtiaz Inayat Elahi, and participated by Member Environment, Mian Waheed-ud-Din and senior officers of the Environment Wing. A deployment plan of the emergency staff has been chalked out distributing the MHNP into four ranges, which are Golra, Saidpur, Noorpur and Bara Khu range. He said that 30 fire pickets have been established in the park area as part of the arrangements for prevention, detection and control of forest fire, Member Environment informed the meeting. He said that under the Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for the fire season, 225 klometers fireline and 196 kilometers trial-path have been cleared.