LAHORE (APP) - Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) and Wapda will add 2020MW and 381MW to the main power system respectively, while Gencos (Generation Companies) will regain their lost capacity of 637MW by upgrading the derated engines in next three years. Pepco Director General (Energy Management and Conservation) Ejaz Rafique Qureshi told APP here Sunday that all the power sector components including Pepco, Wapda and Gencos are focused on enhancement of electricity generation. He elaborated that Pepco is working on four power plants in public sector, which are being installed at Nandipur 425MW, Guddu 750MW, UAE-gifted power plant 320MW at Faisalabad and another of 525MW at Chichuki Malliyan. These projects would soon be commissioned, he added. Qureshi said that Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) would contribute an additional 381MW on completion of its under-construction hydro power projects at Alaee Khor 121MW, Dubeer Khor 130MW, Jinnah Hydro Electric Power 96MW, Gomal Zam Dam 17MW and Satpara Dam 17MW within two to three years. While, the generation companies (Gencos) would recover 637MW through overhauling and upgradation of their derated power engines. Guddu Power Company would recover 235MW through upgradation of unit No. 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, and 13; Muzaffargarh Power 165MW from unit 1&6; Kotri 70MW and Lakra 72MW. To a question, he said, within next three to five years two coal power plants would be commissioned, citing the Sindh Government and Engro are jointly constructing a 1200MW coal-operated power plant at Thar, while, PEPCO was also planning to build a power plant of same electricity generation capacity. The DG further said that Wapdas hydel project to be completed within next five years included Tarbela Power Station Extension Project of 1,350MW, which would enhance its capacity from 3478MW to 4828MW, Neelum-Jehlum Power Project of 960MW, and two projects in Khyber Pakhtoonkuwah at Golan Kol 106MW and Jabban 225MW. The Wapdas other hydel power projects included Diamir-Bhash 4,500MW, Kurram Tanggi Dam 83MW, Munda Dam 740MW, Dasu Dam 4,320MW, Kohala AJK 1,100MW, Bunji Dam 7100MW and Akhori Dam 320MW, he maintained. Ejaz Rafique Qureshi said this quantum of 3038 mega watts electricity to be added in the national grid, would substantially narrow down the demand and supply gap.