The accelerating pace of a string of mass-casualty attacks makes it pretty obvious that violence has become endemic throughout the country. Yet again, a deadly bomb blast ripped through a busy market in Peshawar and resulted in the loss of nearly 40 precious lives. A small explosive device was first detonated at 11:30pm inside the Khyber Super Market through a remote control which attracted people to the site of the blast and moments later a huge explosion rocked the entire market and blew everything in its range including humans into smithereens. More than 80 people got severe injuries and were shifted to the hospital. The trauma of those who survive the attacks but have to live the rest of their lives with amputated limbs and psychological paranoia offers a searching portrait of Pakistan bearing the scars of terrorism, militancy and rampant violence. People are fully scary of the fact that venturing outside their homes might mean a brush with death. As the Peshawar blast shows, many do not make it safely back to their homes and this is happening on a daily basis. The alarming thing is that terrorists have been so easily able to go about their routine business of slaughtering civilians that it really makes one think whether the law enforcement agencies are incapable of pre-empting their actions. Of course it is difficult to stop a person who has bombs tied to his body and is ready to blow himself up with the mere click of a button right under his thumb. But by taking on the real hidden enemy that sends these human bombs into our cities, peace and stability can be brought back. Our enemy is none other than the sinister force that has been resorting to deadly machinations, cloak and dagger games like the drone attacks and at the end of the day pitting Pakistanis against one another. It is noteworthy that the Taliban have issued a prompt clarification on Sunday that they had no hand in the attack in Peshawar. And although there is no assurance of whether such denials or acceptances of responsibility are completely genuine, what we do know is that a deadly game is being played with us and that there is someone who is dealing frequent blows to our stability. It is of great concern that the US is happily witnessing how much backlash our society has to face. Worse still, it is not only brazenly carrying out drone attacks, but is pressurising the government to launch more operations in the tribal areas. There should be no two opinions about the vicious intent to see us disappear in the prevailing whirlpool of war and violence.