MIRPUR (AJK) - Former AJK prime minister and PPP AJK leader Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry here Sunday dubbed both the parties - the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and All Jammu Kashmir Muslim Conference, as both sides of same 'fake coin who had left no opportunity to rob the country whenever they came to power. He was addressing news conference at Kashmir Press Club here late Sunday. The Nation staffer AH reported that Sultan was flanked by top PPP AJK chapter leaders including former AJK Council member Hameed Pothi, former city administrator Ch Muhammad Ayub, Sh Arshad Barqi, former MDA chairman Ch Muhammad Siddique and others. On the occasion, Action committee of Mangla dam affectees, comprising a faction of the refugees of occupied Jammu & Kashmir led by Mirza Ashiq and Mirza Abdul Bashir announced supporting Barrister Sultan Mahmood Ch, PPP candidate from LA-III Mirpur city for the scheduled June 26 AJK Legislative Assembly elections. They reposed full confidence in the leadership of Barrister Sultan and hoped that after coming into power, the PPP government in AJK would resolve the rehabilitation problems of Mangla dam raising project affectees on priority basis. Barrister Sultan lashed out at the incumbent ruling Muslim Conference and accused it of plundering public money during it stay in power in AJK instead of making any true productive effort for the development of the liberated territory and the welfare of its population. He claimed that the PPP would emerge as the single party with over 2/3 majority in 49-member AJK Legislative Assembly as a result of the land slide victory in June 26 polls. He said that the PPP after coming into power would focus on redressing the grievances of the common man with a prime focus to ameliorate the lives of people across AJK without any discrimination. Sultan said that since the refugees of occupied Jammu and Kashmir settled in Mirpur and rest of AJK are no more Mohajir (refugee) since 1947, 1965 and later on the differentiation of refugee and locals would be removed. He said that the refugees are now the citizens of AJK and they were enjoying all facilities at par with the local people of the liberated territory. On the occasion, Sultan assured to resolve the problems of Mangla dam affectees on priority grounds after coming to power in AJK. He categorically declared that raising of water level in the recently elevated Mangla dam would not be allowed unless the process of resettlement and rehabilitation of over one lakh refugees was completed. He thanked the action committee for declaring its unflinching support to him in the elections and assured to come up to its expectations.