OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Poetry on Canvas a painting exhibition by famous painter and poet Aslam Khamal has been on display at the Lahore Museums gallery. The exhibition, unfolding meanings of the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz was kicked off on June 4 and will conclude on June 16. The exhibition has been organized by the Lahore Museum in collaboration with Pakistan Cultural Heritage Carvan Society. On the occasion, a series of 44 paintings, narrating the famous poems of Faiz are on display. According to the artist the exhibition is going on for the first time in Lahore. While talking to The Nation, he said his work had been displayed at Ialamabad as well as in Germany, Birmingham and Bradford. The series has been painted in a long time of 15 years. I had started work on the series in 1996, however some painting included in the series had been painted in early 1980s. I have also the honour to paint the poetry of Iqbal as well as Fiaz, he said. On the occasion, a large number of art lovers visited the museum to see the precious paintings, lauding the artist for his love to paint the poetry of the celebrated poet Faiz Amed Faiz. They said, It is very rare exhibition, which impresses the visitors by the meanings of the verses. The artist has used perfect colours for narration of the poetry. A layman, who even has not so much interest in poetry, can easily understand the depth and real meanings of the verses of Faiz.