KOT ADDU - The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will stage third sit-in Multan against the unabated American drone attacks in tribal areas. The overall scenario in the country has gone worst from bad as on the one hand there is no justice while on the other the skyrocket prices of daily-use items have forced people to commit suicide and sell their children. The wrong policies conceived by the corrupt rulers have made the poor lost their hope in the government and its institutions. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) South Punjab Deputy Chief Organiser Shabbir Sial made the remarks while addressing a press conference here at press club Sunday afternoon. The PTI leader pointed out that his party had staged first sit-in in Peshawar, the second one in Karachi and now it would staged third sit-in in Multan on June 25 to give voice to the widespread hatred among the masses against the blatant violation of the national sovereignty and integrity by Americans. We will also stage a sit-in either in Lahore or Faisalabad and the last and final one will be staged in Islamabad which will prove the last nail in the coffin of the corrupt rulers who have pushed the country to the brink of destruction, Mr Sial claimed, adding that his party had already initiated Pakistan Bachaao movement which would help motivate the masses, especially the youth to come forwards take responsibility to salvage the country. The incumbent government is the sign of corruption, injustice and cruelty. By ending this government a non-political government will be made to hold general elections and the youth should also be given the right to vote, the PTI leader elaborated. Mr Sial claimed that PTI Chief Imran Khan was not only the leader of the country but of the Muslim Ummah and only he (Imran) could steer the country out of all crises. We must come out of American influence and must say her goodbye as American CIA, black water and RAW are behind terrorism in Pakistan and they are hell bent upon destabilising Pakistan, he argued. He lamented that the policies of Musharraf regime were still enforced while both the PPP and PML-N are sponsoring each other by turn-by-turn. State land retrieved: Following the directives of the Punjab Chief Minister, the district administration got vacated illegal occupied land on either side of canals at Head Taunsa Barrage here the other day. Meanwhile, the affected people gathered at Head Taunsa Barrage Bridge and block Kot Addu-Peshawar Road for three hours under the leadership of PPP MNA Jamshad Khan Dasti. They also staged a sit-in against what they called highhandedness of the government. Speaking on the occasion, MNA Jamshaid Khan Dasti demanded the Punjab government to provide the affectees with alternative land and houses. He said that the Punjab government should compensate these people as they had been living there since long. Dasti also demanded that flood inquiry report should be made public while the government should announce Saraiki province which had been long-standing demand of the people of the area. A large number of PPP workers and leaders were also present at the occasion. A large number of police personnel were deployed on the occasion to avert any unpleasant situation.