LAHORE (APP) - The 6 mm rain came right at the change of the day Saturday midnight and rescued Lahorites from the impending scalding heat of Sunday as it fell in buckets followed by strong winds. The mercury, which had already waned to mere 26 by the nightfall on Saturday evening, further took a deep dip into the rainy waters and resurfaced afresh below 20 degree Celsius during the night while it stayed around 30 degree celsius the whole day on Sunday.Weather turned astonishingly pleasant and cool wind embraced the Sun on Sunday morning while this weather pattern continued throughout the day keeping the temperatures bridled in the 30s degree celsius. Minimum temperature for Sunday was recorded 22.2C while the maximum temperature remained around 39C by the local Met office. The relative humidity in the morning was recorded at 69 which lowered down to 49 by the sun set. The heavy 6 mm rain washed away all earlier imprints of the ravages of heat-wave in the provincial metropolis, leaving the city rejuvenated for the looming perils of heat-wave in the coming days. The foliage along the city roads and the canal wore an egalitarian look. The plants and trees looked gay and their leaves shone in the afternoon sun-light while birds perched more freely in their branches in complete contrast to earlier days during summer. City parks echoed with renewed activity as families visited Racecourse, Model Town Parks and Lawrence Garden much earlier than usual due to the much clement weather on Sunday.