LAHORE - Despite the debatable salary structure of the rescuers discharging field duties, the first modern Emergency Service of Pakistan Rescue-1122 has brought revolution in society as it has saved almost 10 million lives since its establishment in late 2004. Once a person injured by something was 90 percent supposed to die at any stage including on the spot, while shifting him/her to hospital or before the doctors furnish the injured medical treatment but it has been reversed now as an ambulance inscribed with reddish 'Rescue 1122 reaches the spot within seven minutes since the incident takes place in any area of the 26 districts of the Punjab. According to the statistics, a copy of which is available with The Nation, the Rescue 1122 has responded to 88, 4341 emergencies, covering 491 explosions, rescuing patients of 2073 buildings, which collapsed somehow, and also rescued about 1736 persons who were supposed to drown if the Rescue 1122 delayed during the last seven years so far. The Rescue 1122 conducted 1404 special operations across the Punjab, visited over 22440 crime spots, addressing 24741 fire incidents, some 473088 medical and issues of other natures and about 358368 Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) were covered by the Rescue 1122 during this timing. Ironically, the Service is perpetually facing a common problem like Emergency 15 as Rescue 1122 has received 60 million disturbing phone calls mostly by teenage girls and vagabonds including 32, 913854 non-emergency calls, 295, 01363 obnoxious calls, 28, 78671wrong phone calls, and about 46, 4097 fake calls. According to the statistics the Service responded to 2907 fake calls after the rescuers were in complex situation either to address the call or to leave it. Regarding all categories of emergencies, the provincial capital is on the top. About 227 explosions took place in the City, 65 occurred in Gujranwala and 38 were reported in Faisalabad and all of them were responded by the Rescue 1122. Similarly, over 680 buildings collapsed in the City, 376 in Faisalabad, 143 in Gujranwala and 114 incidents were reported in DG Khan. My four-year-old son Muhammad Hamza fell from the downstairs a few days back while I was delivering lecture on Quran and Sunnah in a mosque but before I knew about the incident Rescue 1122 had shifted him to the Mayo Hospital where his life was saved by the doctors, a Qari Muhammad Hanif Barvi, a resident of Samanabad, said. According to him, had the Rescue 1122 would failed to approach, his life would have been devastated. Deputy Director Dr Shahzad, Operations and Administration Punjab of Rescue 1122, said the Service has devised policies, end processes for sustainable human resource development and to conduct major rescue operations, community safety programme, statistical overview of emergencies, details of fire losses saved and future vision of the Service for development of safe communities in Pakistan through Emergency preparedness, response and prevention. Dr Rizwan Naseer, Director General Rescue 1122, said once he thought to establish a system, which could save the affected humanity and by establishing this system, we have created a sense of security among the general public. He added that thousands of families have made us phone calls to say 'thank you Rescue 1122 as the officials of the Service had saved the lives of their family members. Dr Rizwan said, We have now an emergency number 1122, which means life saving code, that never existed before 2004 nor any officer ever considered to have such service. He, however, said they were devising a comprehensive plan through which an awareness campaign would be launched in various districts of the province in order to urge them to adopt safety measures.