ISLAMABAD (Online) - The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday has urged the Supreme Court to intervene in the issue of petroleum shortages across the country and bring culprits to justice. It also sought the resignation of Minister for Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain whose 'revolutionary measures have backfired at a time he was abroad. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) should also share blame for its incompetence which has allowed oil mafia to play mayhem with the masses, said Dr Murtaza Mughal, President PEW. Over a month has passed since the crisis began but the government is still helpless; all it can do is to call meetings which justify the intervention of the higher judiciary in the matter, he said. Orders to close CNG stations for two days should be withdrawn and this cheap fuel should be made available seven days a week so that a part of harassed motorists can take a sigh of relief. He said that major players in the oil chain including refiners and marketing companies have apparently ganged up to increase their windfall while ministries and the regulator are acting in collusion. Issues like poor financial health of oil companies, Rs 421 billion petroleum sectors circular debt, and cut of around three billion on subsidy for refineries in the recent budget which has annoyed many should be tackled on war footings, he demanded. The Supreme Court should probe that why the companies failed to keep stocks of 20 days which is mandatory and that the shortage was deliberate or natural, he demanded. Additionally it must be investigated that why plate-formers of three refineries stopped working simultaneously, why there were no alternate arrangements in place and why efforts to fill the supply gas proved counterproductive and who has allowed filling stations to fleece the people.