ISLAMABAD - Pakistans blunt no to CIA Chief Leon Panetta for undertaking joint military operations against potential high-value targets would eventually lead to a far more reciprocal and transparent Islamabad-Washington cooperation, sources said on Sunday. Washington is expected to take corrective measures accordingly, military sources said in response to queries relating to actions the US might take in the backdrop of these developments. Sources were of the view that Pakistan cannot trust the US after its unilateral raid on Osma bin Ladens compound in Abbottabad on May 2, which had belittled chances of any joint military operations in future. Except for reciprocal and transparent intelligence cooperation between the CIA and the ISI, Pakistan will not accept US demand for joint military operations, and that is why US had to recall its military trainers and CIA operatives from Pakistan. Sources said that Islamabads new policy has brought to end the presence of US military in Pakistan, and both the countries are struggling to redefine their strategic cooperation on new lines to serve the mutual interest. This may take some time to make it more meaningful cooperation based on mutual respect, sources said forewarning that any US attempt to demean Pakistans effective efforts in fighting terrorism may change the situation.In such situation, sources also feared that US might increase sabotage and subversion activities to destabilise Pakistan thus pushing Islamabad away from making effective contribution in war against terror. Pakistans military leadership made it clear to Mr Panetta that they were not willing to reverse a decision to cut the number of US troops allowed in their country. He (Panetta) expressed concern over the reduction of trainers and operatives. We told him very clearly 'no boots on our soil is acceptable, military sources maintained. We told him (Panetta) that we are clear. We dont want their people. Intelligence sharing is fine and we are ready for that, sources said, making it clear to the US that any action against the militants will be taken by our forces alone but we will share intelligence on militants actively. This they believed had completely stamped out chances of any independent CIA operations in Pakistan.