ISLAMABAD Three passers-by were injured in a blast on Sunday afternoon at Mulpur village U-turn some half kilometre from Lake View Park and about three kilometres from the Prime Minster House and the President House. Police sources confirmed that two motorbike riders, Wahid (43) and his nephew Zafar (13), and car driver were injured when a bomb planted on the greenbelt along the road went off with a huge bang. The injured were later moved to the Poly Clinic hospital in Islamabad along with the other two injured. An eyewitness told this scribe that the blast was so intense that window panes of the houses and shops in the surrounding area were shattered. The panic-gripped residents came out of their houses and tried to flee the area. The women and children were in fear for hours. On Sundays, the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad use this route to reach Chattar Park, Shadara and Muree. Families were observed extremely scared and feeling insecure after the blast, he said The road remained blocked for hours. The Islamabad police and law and enforcement agencies reached the spot after 45 minutes to the blast while it took an hour to the Islamabad traffic police to reach there. Then lifter was called to remove the vehicle from the road. The eyewitnesses said. Intelligence sources told this scribe that an improvised explosive device (IDE) was planted on the green belt along the road and was covered with the bushes, endorsing the assumption that some high profile personalities might have been the real target of the bomb. The security officials and VVIPs use this road to go to Murree and Mirpur, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). The Bomb Disposal Squad was later demanded to prepare the incident report. The police cordon off the spot to assure the nature of explosion device, sources added.