Tom Hanks has admitted that he was surprised by an invitation to an informal meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama at Buckingham Palace. The Big star recalled being invited to the London landmark with his actress wife Rita Wilson, only to discover that the pair were somewhat overdressed despite the elite guestlist. I was with The Queen and the President just last week, he said on The Graham Norton Show. For an American, I kept trying to figure out, 'Why am I here? How did this happen? Did I win a ticket? Is this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? We got an email from the White House saying, 'The President and Mrs Obama would like you to join them for dinner at Buckingham Palace... We got there and it turned out its a surprisingly informal [event]. Everybody says, 'Hello, Im Julie and 'Im Simon Nice to see you How are you? Its kind of like on a first-name basis. Hanks also revealed that he had bonded with the British monarch over their mutual love of the theatre. I talked [to the Queen] about doing Shakespeare. That was how I got my start in the United States and we compared notes on that. She said, 'We love to go to the theatre That was my moment with Her Majesty. Hanks is said to have also snagged an invite to a party in California held by Prince William and Kate Middleton, which will take place during the royal couples trip to the US this summer. IMDB In 1925, the Milne family acquired a holiday home in Cotchford Farm, in Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. Here A.A. Milne began to notice the games Christopher Robin played with Pooh and started writing about them. The Enchanted Place, the Heffalump Trap, the North Pole, Owls Tree, Poohsticks Bridge and all the other secrets of 100 Acre Wood were laid bare. The first book appeared in 1926 and the bear of not-so-little brain became a hero to children the world over. But Christopher Robin was growing up and he and Pooh were soon to become permanently estranged. In 1928, Milnes last childrens book, The House at Pooh Corner, features Christopher Robin preparing for boarding school. An illustration later produced by artist E.H. Shepard showed the boy kicking Pooh away. In 1947 Pooh departed for the US on a book tour. Then in 1961 Daphne licensed the rights to Disney and Pooh became an international superstar. Today, he has his own place on Hollywoods Pavement Of The Stars and lives in a glass case at the New York Public Library where 750,000 people visit him every year. IMDB