Following the Tuesday’s alleged attack on forest officials and police by the land grabbers in Changa Manga forest during a bid to retrieve land from them, two separate FIRs have been launched against the 283 protestors here on Wednesday.

The skirmish resulted in destruction of Forest Rest House and DFO’s residence along with burning of the forest official’s vehicles. One FIR has been launched on the application of Imran Star (SDFO) Changa Manga under sections 324/382, 353/341/440/337,436/506, 148/149 of PPC and 16 MPO. As per the FIR, the SDFO said that a lot of people have illegally grabbed the land of Changa Manga forest and made their permanent residences there. They were warned a many times to evacuate the government land but they refused to do so. An office letter was also issued as a final notice to the grabbers to evacuate the forest land but to no avail.

Under the special instructions of the provincial government and high ups in forest department, an operation to evacuate the precious land was carried out on 11-6-13. Forest department officials, police, TMA Chunian officials were present on the spot. As soon as the operation started, about 600 to 900 men armed with fire arms along with 150 women who were holding bamboo sticks and axes attacked them.

Another FIR has been launched on the application of Ayub Abbas (Block Officer) under sections 452/427, 186/506,148/149 of PPC and 16 MPO. It is in account of damages done by the mob in Forest Rest House Changa Manga and DFO Residence. The FIR states that the damages amounting Rs740,000 has been done in forest rest house and DFO’s residence.

FIRs were launched against 83 nominated and 200 unknown persons. SDO Malik Hadayatullah, Khalid Iqbal, Shoukat Ali, M Afzal, M Hanif, Mashallah, Rafique Bhatti, Malik Javed, Ashraf Bhatti, M Asif, Fiaz, Ibadat Ali, Zafar Iqbal, Hakimullah, Arshad, Saifullah, Zulfiqar, Akram and Salim Saqib Block Offciers and Forest Guards have been put as eyewitness in these FIRs.