Mighty Australia thrashed hapless Pakistan 3-0 in the WSF World Men's Team Squash Championship 2013 pre-quarterfinals Group C match played in France on Wednesday.

Nasir Iqbal, who failed miserably to make any impact once again, was beaten comprehensively by Cameron Pillay 3-1. Nasir lost the first game 11-5 and lost second 11-3 but he bounced back to win the third game 11-5, before he lost the fourth game 11-6 thus losing his match 3-1.

In the second match, Farhan Mahboob lost against Ryan Cuskelly 3-0. The first game was a tight affair as Farhan showed some resilient before going down fighting 11-9. He was completely outclassed in the second game 11-3 and also lost the third 11-5.

The third match was a dead rubber, as it had no impact as far as over all results are concerned, so it was decided to play a three game match instead of five games. Farhan Zaman played the third game against top Australian player David Palmer. Farhan lost both games 11-9 and 11-7 which ended Pakistan's quest for a top finish.

With this worst defeat, Pakistan now play for the ninth to 16th place matches, so they would better their last appearance record, when they finished 22nd in Germany.

It is pertinent to mention here that this scribe had repeatedly warned the PSF about the poor selection and lack of training of the players as a team, but the federation didn't bother to pay any heed and kept on defending their tactics. Had federation used common sense and exempted Aamir Atlas Khan timely, the results could have been far different. Winning against ordinary teams and players is a different thing but playing against world's elite players is a bitter reality.

It is the PSF's arrogance which cost Pakistan dearly as feared earlier. Pakistan could not achieve satisfactory results with current squad and instead of sending their secretary Abdul Wahab Marwat on a joy ride, the federation could have sent their premier player Danish Atlas Khan, as new WSF rules very much allow fifth player. To sheer injustice to the young lad, despite replying positively on federations SOS call, Danish was dropped from the touring squad when the federation finally after a day’s delay managed to arrange visas for Farhan Mahboob and Sh Saqib and without even bothering to inform Danish, Wahab Marwat and company embarked on a free ride.

Now the federation must have to answer for its blunder. All the past greats had feared about the worst results without the key player Aamir Atlas, but the PSF didn't listen to anyone and stick to their guns.

All the Pakistani players could not make satisfactory results and lost all their crucial matches and were also unable to make any upset. Now they need a lot of fitness and tactically they are very weak and they don't have good game plan. If they want to beat top players, they need to be fit and they must have good game plan which was rarely witnessed.

Though Jamshed Gul is a very good coach but he needs freedom to prepare the boys well. As interference in his work doesn’t allow him to work freely and he was complaining about lack of practice while on the other hand, the PSF wasted precious time on so-called trial matches. Had the precious time was utilized on practice, the results could have been far different. Now Pakistan will play for ninth to 16th position matches, so nothing really is changed as far as fast declining fortunes of squash in Pakistan is concerned. The current PSF management failed to materialise their tall claims and all their claims were brought down to earth with such a poor performance in the World Squash Tam Event.

Time is ripe the PSF president Air Chief Marshal should take serious notice of the dismal performance of the Pakistan team and show the door to SVP and secretary and bring in fresh persons who may have will to take back Pakistan squash to those heights where once they were. Any further delays can bring more miseries for the players and the country will suffer further embarrassment.