CHANGA MANGA - Forest Department has launched FIR against 88 nominated men and women who destroyed Changa Manga rest house and jeep of SDFO opposing the action against encroachments in the territory of Forest Changa Manga.

According to details, hundreds of people have constructed their houses in the forest. When the Forest employees alongwith TMO Staff and police started search to demolish illegal houses in the forest, hundreds of men and women blocked Changa Manga-Chunian Road and burnt the tyres on the road.

They tortured the police men, forest employees while many police men and other govt employees of Forest Department were injured.

Irritated men and women burnt and broke the chairs, office furniture and precious things of Forest Rest House Changa Manga. According to the statements of people, Forest Department does not pay them their wages of Rs 300 per day.

“If they will pay us our right wages then we are ready to work in the forest while Forest Dept are blaming us about theft of wood and they want to cover up their corruption in this way,” they said.