PTI Chairman Imran Khan has directed the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa government to revamp the accountability mechanism with the authority that could probe any complaint of corruption even against the chief minister.

The PTI chairman, talking to a group of reporters at his residence on Wednesday, said he had directed the KPK government to make the anti-corruption department all powerful, which could question even the chief minister on any complaint of corruption.

He said the PTI would de-politicise the police establishment and civil administration to serve the masses instead of accommodating legislators. He added that all transfers and postings from top to bottom in civil and police administration would be made on merit without any political influence and interference. Imran said that the heads of departments would be held responsible if they failed to deliver and satisfy the taxpayers on civic and social services.

Answering a question, the PTI chairman said that local bodies’ polls in KPK, to be held on party basis, would introduce a new local govt system after the elections. He added that under this system, the local representatives at village level would be empowered to conduct all development works and ensure civic facilities in their respective areas. Imran claimed it would be a unique system and ensure participation of local people. He said that local bodies’ elections on non-party basis promoted corruption, so PTI would demand these elections on party basis in Punjab.

Talking about Fauzia Kasuri, he said it was an internal party matter; she would rejoin the party soon and nobody should have any doubt about it.  About his health, Imran said he was alright and just waiting doctors’ advice to start political activities. He said, “You will see me shortly active in politics and the party affairs as I am just waiting for the advice of my physicians.”