Lahore City Cricket Association (LCCA) former secretary Mian Javed Ali has said that he and his party are satisfied with the working of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials regarding scrutiny of clubs but raised the question about some active clubs which were deprived of voting rights for which they have decided to appeal to PCB election commission.

Speaking at the press conference held here on Wednesday at a local hotel, Mian Javed said: "The PCB and interim committee officials have been doing their work fairly as far as scrutiny of the clubs is concerned as they took decision according to whatever the club organisers have provided them. But I feel some of the genuine clubs were also deprived of their due voting rights for which we will appeal to the PCB election commission and hope the board will surely cooperate with us.”

He termed the PCB’s decision of interim set-ups on regional bodies right one and hoped these committee would remain neutral and play their active role in holding elections in a fair and transparent way.

Talking about former LCCA president Khawaja Nadeem Ahmad’s recent statements about scrutiny of the clubs, he said: “In his statement two or three months back, Khawaja Nadeem said that he would ban more than 40 bogus clubs. First of all, he has no right to ban any club and secondly, when bogus clubs are being banned, then he is giving statements against the PCB. He had planned to ban only those clubs who wanted to give votes against him. So he must now accept the right decision of the board and scrutiny committee and if he feels a deserving club was deprived of voting right then he should file appeal for it.”

He said during his tenure, Nadeem’s top priority was not cricket but politics as most of his doings include politics either it is holding of cricket events or giving grounds on rent as well as many other matters, he just did politics. This is why the Lahore region could not produce quality players who could represent the region in national team.

He also disclosed his panel for the upcoming LCCA elections to be held in the last days of this month. “The house has unanimously selected the name of Aamir Sohail for the slot of LCCA president and Sarfaraz Ahmad for secretary while the name of treasurer will be finalised soon.”

He said they had great support of representatives of all the three zones of the LCCA and hoped his party would win with heavy lead. “Aamir Sohail is a former Test cricketer and Sarfraz Ahmad is a senior and experienced cricket organiser and manager, so after coming into power, I hope, they will not only promote cricket in the region but also unearth young and promising talent. We will also provide at least five to six quality players from Lahore region to the national team and they will earn laurels for the country and region.”