People from all walks of life including independent analysts, politicians, retired jurists, lawyers and business community elders have strongly reacted to the reported display of Indian national flag in the office of state-run Kashmir Institute of Management, in the state metropolis - Muzaffarabad.

They have demanded the AJK government to carry out a probe into the reported act of display of Indian flag in the Kashmir Institute of Management, meant for training the civil servants of the AJK government and immediate necessary action against those responsible for, what they called, highly irresponsible act.

Expressing his concern over the display of Indian flag in a state-run institute as reported in a section of the national English press, former AJK High Court Chief Justice Abdul Majeed Mallick termed it as an anti-freedom struggle act and particularly against the national stance on Kashmir issue.

Talking to this Correspondent, he described it an inimical demonstration supportive of Indian stance whereby India claim Jammu & Kashmir state as its “Atoot Ang” (integral part) inclusive of AJK.

Justice (r) Majeed, who also heads Jammu & Kashmir Liberation League (JKLL), continued that the management, particularly in charge of the Kashmir Institute of Management who arranged inclusion of Indian’s national flag and its exhibition on the premises of the institute served the cause of India. “Therefore, it is enjoined upon the President and Prime Minister of AJK to take immediate steps for the removal of Indian flag from the premises of the Institute”, he esserted.

The JKLL chief warned that otherwise the people of AJK would directly take action for removal of Indian flag from the state-run institute “. Majeed Mallick emphatically observed that it was in the larger interests of the presence AJK government and the KIM management to remove the Indian flag from the premises of the institute. “Otherwise the masses who have struggled and sacrificed for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir state would be justified to intervene directly to remove the flag from the institute.” Prominent among others from amongst the elders of various walks of life people included Kamran Tariq Advocate, former President Mirpur District Bar Association, seasoned lawyer Mirza Aziz Jiraal, President Markazi Anjuman-e-Tajran Sohail Shujah Mujahid, President Jammu & Kashmir Journalists Organization Hafiz Muhammad Maqsood, former City Administrator and Muslim Conference leader Abdul Qayyum Qamar, PPP leader and Chairman Friends of Mirpur NGO Ch Muhammad Sideeque Advocate, President PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) Ch Munir Hussain Advocate, ex President AJK CCI Ch Javed Iqbal, former SVP AJK Chamber of Commerce & Industry Muhammad Mubeen Khan.

Strongly criticizing the act of displaying the Indian flag in KIM building in Muzaffarbad, ex Mirpur DBA President Kamran Tariq Ch. Advocate said while talking to this scribe that India has occupied bulk of Jammu & Kashmir unlawfully against the wishes of the people of the state at the might of her occupying military power since last 66 years. He said that the act of display of flag on the part of the management of the state-run institute, based in liberated area of AJK was tantamount to encourage recognition to the forcible Indian hold of a major part of the internationally-acknowledged disputed Himalayan state of Jammu & Kashmir, he added.