The first meeting of the Punjab cabinet on Wednesday decided to review performance of the ministers on monthly basis.

Chaired by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, the cabinet meeting also approved the proposal of cut in expenses of the ministers. The CM gave complete powers to the minister, asking them to put in maximum efforts to deliver and rise to the occasion.

Besides the provincial ministers, the meeting was also attended by special assistants to the chief minister, chief secretary, inspector general of police Punjab and provincial secretaries.

Addressing the meeting, the chief minister underlined the need to work day and night to overcome the energy crisis and bring improvement in the education, health and other sectors of public wellbeing. He said the people had given PML-N a historic mandate and now it was up to the party ministers to come up to their expectations. He said: “We have to set example of good governance and ensure the rule of law. If we decide to fully implement the agenda of progress and prosperity of the masses, no hurdle can stop us to change the destiny of the province.”

Shahabz said he would march forward in consultation with the members of the Punjab cabinet and serve the masses round the clock. He said performance of the provincial ministers would be reviewed on monthly basis and only those showing excellent performance would remain in the cabinet. He announced that corruption would not be tolerated at all.

Shahbaz said there were more problems, less resources, but his government took concrete measures to solve these problems.  Shahbaz Sharif said: “Our services, transparency and policy of simplicity are before the people who have voted us to power.” He said negative propaganda was launched against the party through billions of rupees looted through corruption, adding he was targeted in person.

The chief minister said though the law and order situation in Punjab was better, but if any untoward incident happened in any part of the country, it would surely affect the entire country. He said there were threats to the political leadership of PML-N during the election campaign, but, despite these threats and dangers, they participated in public meetings and, seeing the enthusiasm and courage of the people, they were sure that their party would get an unprecedented success. Shahbaz said: “We endangered our lives only to eliminate the obsolete and corrupt system from the country.” Police stations should be made a source of provision of justice instead of becoming centres of oppression, he said, adding the people must be saved from exploitation of patwaris and tehsildars. He said: “If we march forward with hard work, honesty and responsibly, we will succeed and Allah Almighty will give us further honour. If we fail to do it, the people will forget us.”

While comparing the elections of 1997, 2008 and 2013, the chief minister told the ministers that the elections of 2013 were very important as on one side there were billions of rupees of loot and plunder and on the other, there was a third force, but in the elections of 1997 and 2008, there was no third force. Therefore, comparing the elections 2013 to those of 1997 and 2008 was not correct. He said: “We have to reform the society through our good deeds and promotion of simplicity, elimination of nepotism and corruption.  The chief minister said 100 percent corruption could not be eliminated even in civilized societies, but it could be controlled through effective steps and the rule of law. He said: “If the Turkish prime minister can make Turkey a prominent country, we can also lead Pakistan to the road to progress and prosperity. It is my belief that Pakistan can be taken to the heights of progress and prosperity through hard work, hard work and only hard work.”

He said the ministers were completely empowered and he would make policies with their consultation. He said problems of the people would be solved through commitment.

He vowed new examples of governance would be set in Punjab. “Allah Almighty has selected us to serve the people, so we should serve them and, instead of sitting in offices, should visit the districts. We have to pledge today that we will be ready to serve the people, make punctuality our motto, fight corruption and bring revolutionary changes in the education, health and other sectors.”

Expressing their views on the occasion, the provincial ministers said they would come up to the confidence reposed in them by the leadership and make all-out efforts to serve the masses. They assured the chief minister that they would extend complete cooperation for achieving the targets set for public service.