DM - Leaping from the edge of the world never looked more beautiful for these three base jumpers.

The daredevils were caught on camera by 28-year-old photographer Matt Irving, from Idaho, as they plummeted 2,000ft into the icy depths of the breathtaking Sam Ford Fjord - a meeting of two fjords high in the Arctic circle in Canada.

The jumpers, JT Holmes, 32, Jesse Hall, 30 and Tim Dutton, 26, had expected a helicopter to take them up to the top of 'The Beak' - a rock wall twisting into the sky from sea level - where they would jump.

But the harsh northerly weather in Baffin Island, Nunavut, forced them to hike instead, trudging through waist-high snow to the top.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, the trio then leapt together from the peak - free-falling for 11 seconds before deploying their parachutes and floating to the frozen surface of the sea.