Islamabad - Showing a notable surge of 15 per cent as compared with the last year, Rs 627 billion have been allocated for defence in the new fiscal year as compared to that of Rs 545 billion in 2012, revised at Rs 570 billion.

Last year, the defence budget was increased by 10 percent s against the annual defence budget of 2011-12, having the original funds allocation of Rs 495 billion, revised at Rs 510.

According to the budgetary allocations for the fiscal year 2013-14, the Defence Division is to get Rs 4,246 million while the financial allocations for the Defence Production Division are Rs 2,300 million. Specifically, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) are to get Rs 1,341 million and Rs 587 million, respectively.

Interestingly, unlike last year, no separate break-up for Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy has been given in this year’s budget documents. According to informed sources, Pakistan Army is to get Rs 310 billion in this year's fiscal budget, which is almost 50 percent of the total defence budget for 2013-14. The PAF is to get Rs 131 billion that makes 21 percent of the Rs 627 billion defence budget while Pakistan Navy will receive Rs 63 billion, around 10 percent of the defence funds.

In an apparently strange move, the budgetary allocations for the Airport Security Force (ASF) and Pakistan Meteorological Department have been allocated under this year’s defence budget though these departments are no more under the Ministry of Defence while Civil Aviation Authority and Pakistan International Airlines are now headed by the Cabinet Division.

Federal Information Minister Pervez Rashid, when approached for his comments on the allocations for the ASF and PMD made under the defence budget, he said the budgetary allocations were made before the Aviation Wing and some other departments in the Defence Division were placed under the Cabinet Division’s control.

"The budget plan was chalked out before the ASF and other departments were placed under the Cabinet Division's control. But it’s no big deal. Funds for Aviation Wing and related departments would be diverted to the Cabinet Division’s budget, accordingly,” he told this correspondent.

In the revised budget of Rs 570 billion for the fiscal year 2012-13, the military got Rs 280 million, air force Rs 120 million and navy Rs 57 million.

In the 2012-13 original budget of Rs 545 billion, army, air force and navy got Rs 264 billion, Rs 114 billion and Rs 52 billion, respectively. In addition, the army received Rs 236 billion, air force Rs 106 billion and navy Rs 51 billion in the original 2011-12 defence budget of Rs 495 billion that was revised at Rs 508 billion. Accordingly, the revised defence services allocations were: Rs 244 billion (army), Rs 108 billion (air force) and Rs 52 billion (navy).

In this year's defence budget, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) would get Rs 6,221 million, ASF Rs 3,658 million, Survey of Pakistan Rs 982 million and PMD Rs 797 million. Allocations for the CAA and PIA have not been specified.

This year, Rs 271 billion have been allocated under the head of employees-related expenses. Of them, Rs 162 billion have been specified as operating expenses, Rs 131 billion as physical assets and Rs 62 billion for civil works. In 2012-13 budget employees-related expenses were earmarked at Rs 229 billion and revised at Rs 250 billion. Operating expenses were Rs 143 billion and revised at Rs 146 billion. Physical assets were Rs 120 billion and revised at Rs 121 billion while Rs 51 billion were allocated for civil works in the last year's defence budget.

Also, in the last year's defence budget, Rs 229 billion, later, revised at Rs 235 billion, were allocated for defence personnel’s salaries. In defence budget 2011-12, Rs 206 billion, revised at Rs 209 billion, were earmarked for salary payments.

Under the Defence Division, 20 projects have been prioritised for which Rs 3,545 million have been allocated while two projects in the Defence Production Division have been prioritised with the allocation of Rs 2,300 million.