KARACHI - Law enforcement agencies claimed to have arrested 125 suspects including terrorists in various operations conducted in different areas of Karachi.

The operation started after the brazen attack on Jinnah International Airport Karachi. The security forces have detained around one-and-a-half dozen suspects during a raid by the police in the outskirts of Karachi.

“We conducted raids in slum areas popularly known as Afghan Camp and Ganna Mandi - on the Super Highway, Sohrab Goth. During the intelligence-based raids, we have caught some 18 suspects – majority of them were afghan nationals,” said DSP Qamar Ahmed.

Police officials said the search operation was a part of fresh security measures being taken after the militants’ attack on the Karachi airport. The identifications of the suspects were not disclosed and they were shifted to undisclosed location for further questioning.

“The afghan nationals were living in Karachi legally as we have also found legal documents from their possession,” DSP Ahmed explained. “It can be said we could not achieve our target during the raids.” The suspects were being questioned more and verified about to ascertain their involvement in the attack. No case has been registered.

On Wednesday, the intelligence agencies had detained around one-and-a-half dozen suspects during various raids in Nawabshah and Karachi in connection to the airport attack. Rangers have also conducted a raid in Rehri Road area and arrested six alleged criminals and recovered weapons from their possession.

On the other side, Karachi police claimed to have arrested 115 alleged criminals including three terrorists. It killed two alleged criminals during encounters in total 76 raids conducted in various localities of Karachi on Thursday.