Pakistan is involved in maintaining peace, preaching the message of peace, longing for peace and making every effort to live in peace. In all these efforts, our Armed Forces stand by the government to try and ensure that peace prevails. They not only help internally and on our borders, but have also proved valiant beyond borders. Pakistan is the largest contributor of manpower in United Nation Peacekeeping Missions. More than 8,000 members of the military and police are serving in UN operations. Their sacrifices have already made history. Examples of responsibility and duty are set by Major Kamran Khalil in Liberia and Subedar Tanveer Hussain in Congo, who embraced martyrdom last year, placing a feather in the cap of Pakistan. They are being honoured by the UN, but the actual honour is for the country and its people, who have been inspired by their sacrifice.


Rawalpindi, June 8.