Big Head the Turtle

The home team of Brazil got a boost from the oracle of its own nation, a loggerhead turtle named Big Head, that Tuesday predicted Brazil would beat Croatia in today's opening game. The 25-year-old male sea turtle signified his pick at the Praia do Forte turtle sanctuary by choosing to eat a fish hung from a Brazilian flag instead of one from the Croatian flag, indicating a Croatian win, or a football, indicating a draw.

Flopsy the Kangaroo

Australia Zoo’s resident kangaroo, Flopsy, is putting her nickname, Predictaroo, to the test in this year’s World Cup. For each of the major matches, the eastern grey kangaroo will nominate the winner by selecting from one of two bowls of kangaroo food, according to zoo officials. Flopsy is taking her predictions even further this year with her own Twitter account, @Predictaroo, that will announce her picks.

Nelly the Elephant

Nelly comes to the 2014 World Cup with a record, reportedly having correctly predicted 30 out of 33 results from the women’s world cup in 2006. Nelly the Elephant makes her picks by, appropriately, kicking a soccer ball into the goal with her trunk. A video from her home in Serengeti Park in Germany shows that Nelly chose

Team USA to win its first game against Ghana.

Roo the Dog

A British pet company

has enlisted a so-called psychic bulldog named Roo to pick the winner in the opening game of its home team in the World Cup 2014 on Satuday (tomorrow), England, against Italy. When faced with dog food bowls labeled with the Italian flag, England’s flag and a “draw” bowl, Roo chose his home team of England, the U.K.’s newspaper The Guardian reports.

Pandas Armadillo under threatred carded

A team of Chinese baby pandas lined up to predict World Cup scores

have been given the red card by authorities hours before kick off. The pandas were billed by Chinese media as China's answer to deceased soccer soothsayer Paul the Octopus, after

they were originally set to predict match results by picking food from a

choice of baskets and by climbing trees.

Armadillo under threat

The animal that inspired Brazil's 2014 World Cup mascot, the Three-banded Armadillo, is facing extinction as its natural habitat is destroyed. Brazil's population of the scaly-backed animal has shrunk by more than a third over the past decade. The armadillo provided the inspiration for Cup symbol Fuleco -- was named by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.