LAHORE - Certain officials of the Punjab bureaucracy are all set to sell Walton Airport, a national heritage, to get billions of rupees. This was stated by ‘Save Walton, Save Aviation Movement’ office bearers, Dr Liaqat Saeed, Asif Naveed, Captain Khalid, Captain Yasir Rizvi, Khurram Mujahid and others, addressing a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Thursday.

They said the Punjab government and some LDA bureaucrats have planned to get billions of rupees by converting the national heritage into a hub of commercial activities. They said the Walton airport was a unique centre for the civil aviation training and was also a national heritage due to its association with the Freedom Movemnet and Quiad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who landed at the airport for 12 times. They said the bureaucrats who were misguiding the Punjab government were all set to convert the heritage into a commercial hub, which was tantamount to treason against the nation. They said that Walton airport occupied a very special place in the freedom movement which no other place was able to secure.

“Pakistan will suffer an irreparable loss concerning the civil aviation if Walton airport was eliminated for the vested interests of some people.  ‘Save Walton Airport Save Civil Aviation’ chairman Dr Liaqat Saeed said the airport was the only centre for aviation. They said they had been raising their voice to save the national heritage, but nobody was there to understand the importance of the airport.

“The airport has a state-of-the-art system for civil aviation, which does not exist at any other airport,” he said, that if the airport was sold, the country would face an acute shortage of civil pilots.

They urged the prime minister of Pakistan to take prompt action to save Wlaton airport, an important national heritage.