Former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani has said that no one can bury the movement for Seraiki Province as Seraikis have got up.

Addressing the participants of a Seraiki Mela organised by Seraikistan Awami Ittehad (SAI) here on Thursday, he added that he was sent home for committing the crime of taking the name of Seraiki Province. He said that the demands risen by SAI including removal of deprivations from Seraiki region, separate CSS quota, share in NFC award and water for Sutluj River were justified. “If we committed some mistakes, the PML-N has the opportunity to take benefit of this situation and get credit by doing these good things,” he suggested to the Nawaz League.

He said that he released funds for the development of entire Seraiki region and not just Multan. He said that the Seraiki province could not be created because of opposition of Nawaz League. “Had we been in majority or if PML-N had not opposed us, the Seraiki Province would have been a reality today,” he claimed. He said that the bill for two new provinces was tabled in Senate because of PML-N pressure but the creation of Bahawalpur province was not possible because of a Constitutional obstacle.

“At least 42 members of assembly are needed for electing 21 Senators and this number is not possessed by Bahawalpur. Hence only one province can be created constitutionally,” he further explained.

Gillani added that he would have released more funds for the development of this region, if he had got another six months. Citing development projects launched during his era, he said that today direct flights for Makkah, Madina, Jeddah and Dubai operated from Multan International Airport hile the largest cargo plane landed at this airport during 2010 flood. He demanded the government to accomplish all incomplete projects including Nishtar Ghaat and Old Shujabad Road. He said that it was not just Seraiki region that felt deprived but other small provinces had the same feelings too.