PPP lawmakers, in the Sindh Assembly, have blamed the Federal and Punjab government for not implementing the Water Accord of 1991, under which Sindh was to get an increased share. The question is, was the sole purpose of the Accord to increase Sindh’s share by reducing Punjab’s share? Was it for this that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had all the Chief Ministers spend months in deliberation to achieve the Accord? Or was the whole exercise for developing a consensus on Kalabagh dam? Sindh was clearly promised an equal share with Punjab in all future dams. Unless and until a dam is built to increase the total water available, how can Sindh’s share be increased? The only dam ready to be built is Kalabagh dam.

Sindh’s objects to the CJ and TP link canals, and it is already getting 70% of the water stored at Tarbela dam because north Punjab is not getting any in the absence of the left bank canal at Kalabagh dam, and south Punjab is getting only 20% through the two small link canals. If CJ and TP link canals are shut down as demanded by Sindh, it will get 90% of Tarbela water. The question is, will Punjab get enough water from other sources to make up its share, if the 20% from Tarbela dam is denied?

As to CJ and TP link canals, they are ‘flood only canals’, because they only get the surplus flood water stored at Tarbela dam, and do not impinge on the flow of the Indus. Is there no one to speak up for Punjab in the Sindh Assembly or in the Punjab Assembly, or even in the National Assembly?


Lahore, June 9.