Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Punjab President Ch Ejaz described on Thursday the ongoing PTI campaign as to aim at introducing a foolproof electoral system in the country to flourish democracy in its true sense.

“The PTI does not want to derailing system or overthrow the government rather the party striving for the introduction of an independent Election Commission and a transparent electoral system to provide opportunity to the public to elect their true representatives.”

Addressing a press conference here, Ch Ejaz regretted that the May, 2013 general elections were rigged and the engineers of rigging stole the public mandate, depriving the masses of true leadership. “The Punjab Police, Returning Officers, Presiding officers and electoral staff rigged the general elections in 2013 and supported the PML-N,” he alleged, adding that the PTI raised voice against the rigging in the courts, election tribunals and Parliament but to no avail.

The PTI stalwart said that the Federal Interior Minister had agreed to conduct vote recount in 40 areas but the committee constituted for the purpose could meet twice in seven months.

The government only wants to buy time and does not serious to resolve the issue, forcing the PTI to contact court of the masses, he added.

Ch Ejaz alleged that the government did not seem serious to resolve public issues. “The situation has gone bad from worst as power tariff has gone skyrocketing along the loadshedding hours, the percentage of people living below the poverty line has surged 50 percent from 40 percent, good governance has been changed into bad governance and law and order situation in the country is at all time low,” he charged, adding that the situation could be gauged from the fact that ruling MPA was abducted from road in broad daylight and women were being subjected to sexual assault everywhere.

Ch Ejaz claimed that the PML N government farmers had been buried alive as despite local production, vegetables were being imported from India.

He alleged that the Punjab government had given refuge to terrorists for the past 7 years.

The PTI Punjab chief said that a public gathering would be held here in Dring Stadium Bahawalpur on June 22, adding that sensing success of the PTI previous public gatherings, the Punjab government was scared and feared that it would try to put hurdles to fail this public gathering.

PTI District President Farzad Ali Goheer said that the PTI had becoming voice of the nation as the party had raised burning issue like loadshedding, unemployment and corruption.

He said that the party was expecting 50,000 people to attend the public gathering which would be held on June 22.

Meanwhile, PRO to Bahawalpur DPO Syed Rehan Gillani informed that they had received an application for the security of the PTI public meeting and Imran Khan’s visit to Bahawalpur. He also denied having received any such instructions to create any hurdle in the public meeting of the party.