The MQM protests in Karachi, as well as in other parts of Sindh over Altaf Husain’s detention in London have been called off, much to the relief of the people. After being freed on bail, the MQM chief addressed his supporters thanking them and asking them to end their sit-in. The MQM would do well to plot a sensible course going forward. The party must keep the safety and welfare of Karachi and its people in mind while reacting to Altaf Husain’s brush with the British legal system. To the party’s credit, its leadership’s call for calm, following Mr Husain’s initial detention, had a significant impact on containing the violence in Karachi. The MQM should tell its cadres that both the party and the Pakistani state have no influence over the British legal process. Let legal proceedings continue; the people of Karachi should not be punished through shutdowns and unrest for events in London.


Karachi, June 9.