SUKKUR - The mighty Sindh police can nab anyone over extortion, even a two-year old.

The ‘extortionist’, two-year-old Asad Mahar of Dareha village, was arrested by Tamachani police force and was produced before the Anti-Terrorism Court on Thursday. According to police, the child was involved in land grabbing and had demanded Rs2 million.

While, the court, ironically, granted bail to the child on cash bond.

The child's father, Arshad, said that the police registered the case against his son on instigation of an influential person of their village. He also called the attention of the high-ups towards the matter. A 9-month-old boy, Musa Khan, became the focus of international attention in April when the Punjab police took the unusual step of charging him along with four adults in connection with a violent protest in Lahore in February. Critics say the charges reflected the tendency of the Pakistani police to lodge exaggerated complaints against poor families.

The case against the baby led to widespread ridicule being heaped against the Pakistani legal system, particularly after little Musa was photographed crying while being fingerprinted — and he then had to be comforted with a bottle of milk. His family subsequently moved him out of Lahore to Faisalabad, citing safety reasons.