Regardless of several fake pictures of Rohingyas persecution circulated and uploaded by religious zealots on social media, plight of these abandoned people is now catching the attention of UN and human rights organisations. Pictures of thousands of people, including women and small kids, drifting in rough seas without any help from the coastal countries has led to strong condemnation of a blind and deaf regime sitting in Rangoon. As Pakistani religious parties are quick to point scoring on Rohingyas woeful conditions, government has also woken up; and our foreign office has issued a statement saying that yet another committee will be formed to look into how we can help them.

But I was puzzled by our Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s outburst against Western and Muslim countries and human rights groups. Yes, worsening conditions of these stateless people have made every one sad, but what on earth an Interior Minister of Pakistan has to do with Rohingyas? Even if for a moment we ignore that it’s Foreign Office or the Minster’s right to comment on other countries affairs, can we ask Ch. Nisar what his ministry has done to combat the religious and sectarian terrorism we are facing in Pakistan?

What has he done to safeguard the besieged Hazara community in Quetta; five more were gunned down this weekend with, as usual, no trace of the killers. We wish the Interior Minister would first attend far more important tasks within the country, before entering into foreign affairs. We all know a statement by foreign office or interior minister is not going to change anything for the Rohingyas. However, his ministry can save many Pakistani Rohingyas, getting in queue to be gunned down in coming days.


Saudi Arab, June 9.