The Islamic State has reportedly started its operations in Helmand, Southern Afghanistan. The recruitment process is in full swing and the IS representatives are offering attractive salaries to the potential members. The international press is also reporting that Iran is supporting Sunni militant Taliban in Afghanistan. Such reports confirm the proposition that the insurgencies in the Muslim world are not solely based on sectarian differences as is being projected by the international media. It appears that the Iranians and the Gulf kingdoms, headed by Saudi Arabia, have launched these full-fledged proxy wars against each other all over the Muslim world to assert their temporal power without any bias to one or the other sect. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria and Yemen are facing the full brunt of these internal uprisings. Iran seems to have gained more confidence in supporting these conflicts in the light of the expected removal of economic strictures by the EU and USA.

Saudi Arabia and its allies are also not above suspicion as they were the ones who openly financed the precursor elements of these militant outfits during the most unfortunate Afghan Jihad. The Pakistani authorities which joined the jihad in Afghanistan committed a blunder of letting the warriors from all over the world have safe havens in FATA, the culture and peace of which now stands completely shattered. The selfish objectives of those times have pushed the country into an identity crisis, which may not be solved in near future. The rest of the world powers, who ignited this grim scenario by launching a so called jihad against the Soviet Union, are also feeling the domino effect of this insane war and are quietly continuing their support to both the rivals, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

It is high time that these powers realise the certainty of the spread of this war into their own territories in one form or the other. Saudi Arabia and Iran should also realise that their state structures have been built around very weak edifices, which are not compatible in the modern world. If they fail to adopt the essentials of the modern world, their own states may face uprisings by the people demolishing their monolithic rules.