We the youth of Pakistan are the benefactors of patriotism in heritage from the founding fathers who believed in pluralism within the society that would guarantee freedom as the fundamental human right without any discrimination. Over the period of time our generations have survived many internal problems from political weaknesses, scarcity of the will for socio-economic uplift of the people and intolerance resulting in chaos. Yet the Pakistani nation has always remained on the same page whenever it comes to India crossing its limits to tease the sentiments of our partition from Hindustan. Time and again we reaffirm our resolve to standby Pakistan Armed Forces against any evil eye casted towards our land.

In 1947 Modi and his ancestors were slaughtering refugees coming to Pakistan and here our elders, of whom many graduated from the lyceums in Ram Pur, Deoband and New Delhi, were giving shelter, providing safe passage and resources to Hindus to migrate peacefully against the will of miscreants risking their own lives. This was repeated in the massacre of Muslims of Gujrat under Modi’s watch.

During the course of my academics I had intensive debates with incoming Indian Scholars who regularly termed Modi a disgrace due to the dark history of violence the Indian Prime Minister is carrying in his portfolio for decades. General Chibber, Former Indian Army Officer in charge of Siachen conquest, after retirement visited Pakistan and expressed his intent to meet Late Qazi Hussain Ahmad (my grandfather) at his residence. I gave him traditional Pashtun hospitality for which he remained indebted and would often express gratitude for me in his correspondence.

Though Qazi sahib and General Chibber did not agree on many issues, the both admitted to the fact that war and conflict is not the solution and the issues must be resolved over the negotiating table. However the Indian Government to date insists that the core problem between India and Pakistan is that Kashmir and integral part of India. However, the voices of freedom that echo from the valley are entirely opposite to Indian claims, with hundreds and thousands of sacrifices tendered for their right of self-determination.

The Kashmir cause is the forte of the government of Pakistan urging India to ensure a plebiscite under the resolutions of United Nations. The moral support of Pakistan to Indian Occupied Kashmir is natural and continued since the inception of Pakistan as the founding father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, considered Kashmir the jugular vein of Pakistan. The parties involved in the conflict never had the chance to discuss remedies for lasting peace in the region and the ignorance continues at the cost of human rights violations at the hands of the Hindustan Army of the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

On the other hand Modi’s government has brought all the firepower of their political against Pakistan. I do not think it is anything more than political point scoring because India cannot afford a war as they already have dozens of separatist movements active internally, and suffer from poverty which has denied a large portion of the population access to food, shelter and sanitation, contrary to the loud claims of the BJP. Each day of war will take countries involved a hundred years back and this destruction will be an irreparable loss to the region and their masses.

The Indian Prime Minister also conceded to the fact in a joint declaration with Bangladesh Prime Minister that Indian Forces aided the terrorists of Mukti Bahini to cause the fall of Dhaka. The Kangroo courts have already hanged leadership of Bangladesh on fake charges of espionage and still many are held on death row. This is a grave mistake on part of Modi, and if Pakistan will take the case to International Court of Justice against India for crimes against humanity in the 1971 war in Bangladesh than India shall be badly exposed for their moral obscenity.

Uncertainties prevail. How come Indian masses have elected a war mongering government to power? The election of Modi is a mistake and the Indian people have given credence to the notion that India is a big country with a small heart.

Hurling threats is not the solution in this century, which has eliminated the physical borders through technological mediums of socialisation. Conflicts eventually have to come to the negotiating table once accepted by all parties involved. The energies of ultra-patriotism must be redirected to nurture internal harmonies to enhance our ranks with forbearance to foster human civilisation.