S: What has gone wrong with Indonesia? They have come up with the novel idea of curfew for women at night which is unheard of in modern history.

A: There were too many incidents of violence against women in Aceh so they have imposed this temporary ban. I think they will remove it if the situation improves.

S: Why don’t they put the same ban on those who commit violence. Won’t that be better instead of arraigning the likely victims. How about making men stay home after curfew?

A: I agree with you but you have to take measures in an urgent situation. And you have to tone down the feminism. You're a man for God’s sake.

S: I will ignore that remark for a second. Look. I think something has gone wrong with the whole Muslim world. The women being stopped from voting in Pakistan, the driving ban on women in Saudi Arabia and a strict dress code for the ladies in Iran: these are all signs of a generalised malaise and cultural decay in the Muslim world. That second is over, you and your views on women are also part of that malaise. Women have been active in all walks of life throughout Muslim history. It seems that we are drifting back towards tribal culture against which our religion brought a revolution one thousand and five hundred years ago.

A: I think we failed to follow the injunctions regarding most of the revolutionary steps introduced while spreading the religion. But I still have hope that we would learn to interpret things in their diction meaning but that would happen only when we decide to learn and contribute towards the progress of humanity once again the way we used to do in more prosperous times. And its not that I am not a feminist, maybe I am, but I believe that these things can change too radically. I'd rather have women be safe than free.