Islamabad - The Centre for Profound Education (CPE) on Friday concluded a series of workshops intended to provide counselling to the parents to enhance the learning capabilities of their autistic children.

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behaviour. John Hassel, the United Kingdom’s leading expert on autism and learning disabilities, delivered lectures on psychological support to parents and families who face difficulties while upbringing their autistic children. Hassel, an educationalist and also an advisor to the UK government, also conducted training sessions to enhance capacity-building of the staff members on how to teach students with special needs. 

Head and founder of Centre for Profound Education, Samina Iqbal urged the fellow citizens to realise the problems of children with learning difficulties and rights of such children should be no different than normal children. 

Programme Coordinator Sana Rohan was commended for her contribution for the cause of autistic children. 

The CPE works on the underlying principle that children with special needs who currently remain predominantly marginalized in the society must have access to the same if not equal opportunities to education.

The CPE is supported academically by Innovative Medical and Development Services, Partnerships in International Medical Education and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom.  Last year, nine consultants of different medical specialties visited the Centre to share their knowledge and expertise with the staff.

These included Dr Shakil Malik, Senior Clinical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist; Dr Connie Meyer, Consultant Psychiatrist; Dr Andy Charlie, General Practitioner; Dr David Butler, Tutor for Palliative Care; Dr Nadeem Rehman, Consultant Gastroenterologist and others.