During the recent meeting between C.O.A.S. and U.S. delegation sent to appease Pakistan was bluntly told about violation of Pakistan’s security by a drone attack inside Pakistan. It was due from Mr. Dar to address the issue as he was nominated by P.M. to hold the fort but perhaps Mr. Dar does not feel equal to the task or greatness thrust upon him to the chagrin of Interior Minister Ch. Nisar. It is advisable if somebody even if C.O.A.S has called a spade a spade without mincing matters as is expected from a military man. U.S.A is treating us like a banana republic in its newly found confidence arising from warm embrace of Mr. Modi of India. Pakistan is an erstwhile neighbour of Afghanistan through thick and thin. Pakistan has played host to the millions with untold hardships for its own people. U.S.A. has performed in its typical fashion to drop friend like hot potatoes when the going gets rough. As such it should not be a surprise to us in the light of our past experience. 


Lahore, June 11.