Lahore - M/s Ali Group is in business of construction of buildings for more than a decade now. As per the regular norms and practice of this trade of business apartments, flats and shops etc. in a building are offered for sale at the time of groundbreaking of project through booking and the payment of the parts of building so sold is received in installments.

In one of the projects of M/s Ali Group i.e., Ali Trade Centre at MM Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore amongst others Mr Ikram Naveed, Mrs Samina Ikram and Mr Frjad Ikram approached it for purchase of spaces on 11th, 12th & 30th floors of the project, which were sold/booked to them in year 2011 on payment of booking price/initial payment. This, like so many others, is a pure sale and purchase deal, agreed consideration whereof is not paid in full till date.

On 28-04-2016 officials of the Anti-Corruption Department approached office of M/s Ali Group and asked for the assets of Mr Ikram Naveed while informing that said purchaser is under investigation for some fraud in government department and Anti-Corruption Department is tracing the assets of said person for purpose of recovery of the money and are approaching the other builders too for the same purpose. The office staff of the Group fully cooperated with the government officials and provided the data of the properties purchased by said person & family in the project. On 17-05-2016 the said properties of Mr Ikram Naveed and family were attached by the orders of the Anti-Corruption Establishment regarding which M/s Ali Group was intimated vide even dated notice of said authority. It is not impertinent to state that as per the authorities of Anti-Corruption Department Mr Ikram Naveed owns – properties in other plazas/ buildings in city, which are also treated in the similar manner.

On 22-05-2016 daily The Nation published a report, whereby Chairman of M/s Ali Group Mr Imran Ali Yousaf was through and through incorrectly & falsely alleged as involved in wrongful deeds of Mr Ikram Naveed, who actually was only one of the purchasers in a project of the Group and Chairman in person have no relation or connection with him of any sort. It is also noteworthy that the in year 2011, when the said person purchased the property in Plaza of Ali Group and made payments through banking channels, he was not serving in Punjab Government, where he was admittedly posted in year 2015.