SIALKOT: Dates (Khajoor) have gone out of the reach of the people due to their high and unaffordable prices in the first week of Ramazan. There is more than 100 percent increase in the rates of these dates in Ramazan. The prices of dates remained very high and unaffordable even in Ramazan Bazaars in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils, making the dates out of the reach of the common people. According to the details, the rate of Chocolate Date (Khajoor) was Rs200 per kg before Ramazan and now was being sold at the rate of Rs640 per kg, the rate of Ambar Khajoor was Rs500 per kg but it is being sold at Rs1,200 per kg. Likewise, Irani Khajoor was Rs180 per kg but is selling at Rs350 per kg and Dana Khajoor was at Rs150 per kg and now is selling at Rs300 per kg by the vendors in markets and even in Sasta Ramazan bazaars. The local retailers confirmed that there was more than 100 percent increase in the prices of dates during the Holy month.–Staff Reporter