HAFIZABAD/KAMALIA-Citizens have strongly criticised the government for its failure to provide uninterrupted power supply at Sehar and Iftar during Ramazan.

The power supply remained disrupted during Traveeh and then Juma congregation. The Khateebs of almost all the main mosques have lashed out at the Gepco chief and the minister for water and power for their failure to provide relief to the people.

The inhabitants of Alipur Road, Kashmir Nagar and Ali Town experienced day-long power disruption. They took out a protest rally to against the anti-people policy of the Gepco.

DEATH: Mother of Syed Nasir Hussain Sherazi Ex-President District Bar Association and Dr Syed Nusrat Abbas Sherazi Deputy MS DHQ Hospital died here today after protracted illness. She was laid to rest in her native village Pir Kamal Friday evening. The funeral was attended by large number of government officers, advocates and physicians and surgeons of the district.

Likewise, Kamalia and its surrounding areas are facing long outages at making life miserable for people. In these days of extreme heat, the citizens are facing difficulties. Prayers were offered in mosques without electricity while women and children at home kept looking at motionless fans.

Citizens held separate protests at different parts of the city including General Bus Stand, Delhi Chock, Fazil Dewan and Eidgah Road. People shouted slogans against the government’s inability to control loadshedding. They said that the rulers should at least rid power outages in Ramazan. They warned that government should not test people’s patience; there will be big trouble if condition gets worse. They demanded end to loadshedding.