LAHORE: Punjab Finance Minister Dr Ayesha Ghaus presented the budget in the Punjab Assembly of Rs 1681 billion for the fiscal year 2016-17 on Monday.

Rs 31 billion are to be set aside for provincial expenditures.

Expected tax revenue is Rs 280 billion.

Development and Energy Projects:

Rs 550 billion have been allocated for development projects.

Rs 18 billion have been earmarked for Energy projects while Rs 40 billion has been allocated for irrigation. Rs 100 billion set aside for agriculture and farming package.

Allocation of Rs 27 billion has been set for road-building in rural areas. Computer-based property records to begin service in 27 districts.

For industries, Rs 3.83 billion have been allocated. Rs 142 billion saved for the infrastructures that have never happened in the history before.

Police and Protection:

More police reforms to be introduced, peace and order budget raised by 48 percent.


Rs 13.49 billion would be allocated for higher education while Rs 0.9 billion will be allocated for Special Education. An overall increase of 71 percent was mentioned.

Rs 47 billion placed for Higher Education Commission (HEC). New scholarships of Rs 20 billion have been announced along with IT programmes.

45 thousand teachers to be hired for primary schools and Rs 2 billion have been suggested for Punjab Education Foundation.

For school education, Rs 22.62 billion have been set aside as Rs 9 billion have been set aside for the repair of damaged school buildings. Rs 6 billion each has been set aside for the laptop scheme and for the provision of facilities at schools.


Health budget to be increased by 62 percent and funds for supply of clean water has been raised by 88 percent. Rs 4 billion set aside for Kidney and liver hospital.