A country’s treasure is it’s rich history. As citizens of Pakistan we all should know how our country came into being, how political turmoil urged millions of Muslims to wish for a separate homeland and about the events that took place which contributed to Muslims struggle against the British and then the Hindus.

But sadly students lack the eagerness to know their country’s history as they find it boring and yawn during class lectures if teacher don’t take notice. As we know, history consists of multiple events, incidents and dates that we have to learn, which often seems to be uninteresting.

The responsibility goes to the parents, elders and especially teachers, to elaborate the topic by making it fascinating and understandable for the students by organising plays, debate competitions and visits to historical parts of the country. They should teach in a way so that each student participates in the class efficiently instead of instructing them to memorise the questions for the exams.


Karachi, April 22.