Our country should be truly beholden to its citizens working abroad. It is the $15 billion remitted annually by overseas Pakistanis to their mother country that keep it afloat economically. But the harm inflicted on them by some of the institutions of their mother country is reprehensible. The other day I went with a cousin of mine, visiting his home from the United States, to open an account in his name in the local UBL branch which was necessary for my cousin to cash his crossed cheques. My cousin, being a dual national, possesses a NICOP (national identity card for overseas Pakistanis). They refused to open his account because their computer failed to synchronize his finger prints with the NADRA website. We then went to the local NADRA office, where they electronically checked my cousin’s NICOP and found it perfectly in order and also issued a certificate of its being genuine. We took this NADRA certificate back to the UBL, where it was rejected outright by the bank authorities and my cousin was blatantly refused permission to open an account there and thus had to borrow money from me. 

If this is the kind of treatment meted out to our expatriate citizens who are the backbone of economic security of our country, then this attitude speaks volumes about the unpatriotic attitude of some of our institutions. 


Muzaffargarh, April 21.