LAHORE - PTI along with other likeminded opposition forces would take to streets after Eid if the ToRs on Panama leaks delayed further, said PTI leaders.

Talking at two different iftar events yesterday, PTI Punjab leaders Chaudhary Sarwar and Ijaz Chaudhary said the government would leave the likeminded opposition parties with no other choice except agitation if it continues delaying the Panama TORs.

PMLN wants to become political martyr but PTI won’t let them accomplish their desire. The opposition parties would not retreat on Panama TORs. Ramzan is bonus for the ruling party and it must reach an agreement with the opposition to avoid political turmoil, warned the PTI leaders.  “Panama Leaks is not an issue of a single party but it is a matter of concern for the entire nation. The ruling party and others will have to be held accountable for their deeds.”

 to put the country on the road to economic justice,” said leaders of Imran Khan’s party.

“PMLN leadership knows that they can’t escape accountability that’s why they are adjourning the proceeding of parliamentary committee,” they added.