KAMALIA-Ramazan Bazaar Kamalia consists of only eight stalls while the stalls of flour, sugar and utility store are set up when some government representative visits the bazaar, a PML-Q leaders exposed.

Population of Kamalia is over 500,000 and the bazaar is insufficient to meet the people’s requirement as sugar and flour are not available here, said PML-Q leader Irfan Chaudhry.

He was talking to a press meet here at Public Secretariat. He added that during the Ramazan bazaar timing has been set from 9:00am to 6:00pm but staff from sugar, flour and Utility Store stalls vanishes well before 3:00pm and customers from nearby villages have to return empty handed. He claimed that Ramazan Bazaar setup up for convenience of people is a joke as items like pulses, dates, vegetables and fruit etc. are worse in quality and at same prices as regular market.

Walkthrough gates have been placed there but no security personnel are seen there. He asked Punjab chief minister to provide relief in the true sense to the people on this auspicious occasion. Mian Riaz Shahid, Ch Tayyub Sohail Arain, Ch Munawar Waheed Arain, Sardar Umer Farooq alias Bhola Gujjar were also present.

OUTAGES IRK WORKERS: Leaders of Power Looms Association, Abdul Jabbar Ansari, Shahid Abbas Kharal, Siddique Bhutto, Abdu-Sattar and of Labour Qaumi Movement, Malik Abdul Majeed, Javed, Mehr Liaquat and Mehr Qadir held a joint meeting. It was declared that unscheduled loadshedding of electricity must be terminated before 13-June. They also demanded that Mohallah Chah Khajji Wala and Mohallah Paghlanwala should be included again in industrial feeder else a protest rally will be arranged. It will proceed from Press Club to Thana Chock Kamalia where a sit-in will be stages.