I wanted to discuss here a rising issue and wanted to pay some attention of concerned authorities. Now a days the menace due to stray dogs in my locality FB Area, Karachi has been unbearably increasing. 

There are wandering dogs in my colony which is the main source of danger for the peoples who are living here. I am very worried about kids and students which are not able to go school easily because of this factor. Several cases of attacks are being hear these days. Parents of children are not allowed them to play outside for a long time. Elders are not able to offers prayers in mosque even. House wives of the colony are not able to errands even in a day time. Office going men feel stress and laziness due to lack of sleep in night as dogs continuously barking and fighting with each other whole night. 

Concerned department is responsible for all these situation. It is a time to take some suitable action on emerging threat otherwise, it can be more devastating as we can think about it. 


Karachi, April 21.