Islamabad - The high ups at the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have failed to check water theft as the residents lament water shortage in the city.

Water theft is on the rise in the capital city but the authorities seem little interested in providing relief to the residents even at the peak of the summer season. On June 5, CDA had announced to start an operation against illegal water connections installed on main conduction lines starting from Simly filtration plant but not a single illegal connection has so far been disconnected. According to the sources in the authority, the especially-constituted disconnection squad has not yet conducted a single operation.

 According to the documents exclusively available with The Nation, there are 221 illegal water connections that have already been detected but the authorities did not take action despite the lapse of over two years. The directorate of security of CDA had detected all these illegal water connections from the main conduction line crossing from Bhara Kahu area and supplying water from Simly Dam to Islamabad.

The concerned water supply directorate is responsible for guarding the main conduction line and water theft cannot be done without its connivance but the authority, which lacks both action and commitment to remove illegal connections. Interestingly, police also seem disinterested in taking corrective measures.

Actually, none of the departments i.e. water supply directorate, enforcement directorate, land directorate and the local police is willing to take responsibility for the situation as they have been passing the buck to one another and the residents continuously face water shortage.

The local residents have been frequently making connections illegally but no proper action has so far been taken by the enforcement directorate. Main conduction line is laid for the supply of drinking water from Simly Water Filtration Plant to Islamabad. According to the report, there exist thousands of illegal connections which have been taken by the locals for their houses and shops by puncturing the main line.

It said the residents of Noorpur Shahan, Kot Hathyal, Bhara Kahu, Mohalla Pari, Pind Begwal, Shahpur Town, old Addah Pind Begwal, Jundala Simly Road, Pind Begwal, Simly Road have got illegal connections from the main line. Even some of the government-owned departments and offices have also taken illegal water connections that include Police Station Bhara Kahu and Quaid-e-Azam University.

Nayyar Bukhari’s house is also amongst those who are benefitting from the illegal water connections, according to the documents.

Sectors I-9 and I-10, being on the tail, are the worst-hit sectors of water shortage in the city.

 The residents of these two sectors get supply thrice a week and that too for a short time which is increasing their problems in the summer season and the holy month of Ramazan. When contacted, spokesman of CDA also expressed ignorance from any action taken against illegal water connections in recent past.