DI KHAN: Farmers have called upon the government to take necessary measures for repairing distributary channel-11 to get adequate water from Gomal Zam dam for irrigating agricultural land.

Holding placards inscribed with slogans about initiatives for the growers, the farmers said that particular water channel had been in shabby condition for a long due to negligence of Irrigation department as its concerned staff was derelict in their duty to carry out its maintenance or repair work on regular basis. As a result, they said that vast land in the area was lying unproductive due to insufficient water and farmers were facing hardships to make their both ends meet.

Sardar Fareed Khan Gandapur said, a local farmer said that they had already taken up the issue with Irrigation department and submitted an application with it, but so far no action had been taken to repair the distributary. He said that irrigation department was harping on the same tune that there was paucity of funds or certain issues relating to the distributary was pending with FWO, therefore repair work would be done upon resolving those pending issues.

Once in past, he said, a concerned official had promised to launch repair work on the water channel after conducing levelling and tests were also carried out few days before, but after that work was not pursued and it had pending as yet. He said with efforts of former provincial revenue minister Major (R) Aminullah Gandapur, Gomal Zam was constructed, but if water channels were not properly maintained from the dam, then the mega project would lose its utility.

The protestor appealed Provincial Revenue Minister Ali Amin Gandapur to play his part to fully capitalise on the Gomal Project so that its blessings may be passed to farmers in the area. Therefore, repair work on Distributary channel-11, they urged, may be launched at the earliest, otherwise farmers would block Tank-Dera road as protest to press the government for resolving their problems.