SIALKOT-The ancient buildings here are losing their beauty with the passage of time due to lack of proper care by their owners.

These buildings were now located in Sialkot city’s Railway Road, Nehal Chand Street, Rail Bazaar and in Saddr Bazaar Sialkot Cantt. These buildings were established between 1900 and 1914 by their then Hindu owners. They went to India after the partition of Indo-Pak Subcontinent in 1947.

These buildings have been the embodiment of charm with the attractive and fascinating engraving, arts and designs. These buildings also keep the secrets and memories of pre and post partition.

But unfortunately, the buildings have not yet been looked after properly by anyone. The social, business, literary and political circles of Sialkot have expressed grave concern over the situation.

They added that Sialkot Municipal Corporation still remains unable to chalk out a plan to preserve these ancient buildings, now being used commercially. They have rare wooden engravings.

These buildings are very solid and strongly built with very thick inner and outer walls, which made them very cool even during sizzling hot weather. People said that the outbuildings should be preserved in their original shape and design and should be kept as the ancient symbol of pre-partition memories. They could reveal their original beauty after being preserved in their original shape and design.


Anti Corruption Establishment (ACE) has arrested 27 “corrupt” government officials and vowed to bring all the corrupt elements to task so as to purge the society of corruption.

Talking to newsmen, ACE Regional Director Ilyas Gill said that corruption was the root cause of social diseases, adding that the ACE was making efforts with zero tolerance to curb the menace of corruption, bribery and social injustice.

Ilyas Gill said that the ACE has tightened its noose around the corrupt elements and arrested 22 accused including a gazetted officer during its ongoing campaign launched in Gujranwala Division.

He said that the ACE has also arrested seven accused corrupt officials of different department while taking bribe red handed besides recovering Rs.1.7 million amount from them.

To a question, he narrated that the ACE has disposed of 153 pending inquiries and 33 cases during the last month purely on merit.