KAMALIA-Several areas of Kamalia and its surrounding remained without electricity for over 24 hours after the hours long torrential rain and severe windstorm.

Trees along the Rajana Road, Pirmahal Road, Chichawatni Road, Mamunkanjan Road, Jakhar, Bhussi And Sandhilianwali Road were rooted out causing traffic blockade as well as main electric lines to break.

The rainwater was accumulated in the streets and the homes due to poor drainage causing more problems for the people who had to take to rooftops to stay away from rainwater. Items worth millions were lost to rainwater at Grain Market as red chill, Gurr, corn, maize and other items were damaged as the rainwater got up to 2-5 feet in the grain market compound.

In other events, walls and some roofs of various houses collapsed in different parts of the city and suburban area and one woman and a child were injured at 55 Tukda. People started relief work on their own clearing rubble from fallen walls and roofs and checking missing person. The electricity was restored after 24 hours as electric poles were again erected and supply lines were installed.