LAHORE (PR): This is with reference to a news item entitled ‘Women, daughter killed in gas fire’ in Mehmoodabad, an area of Mirpurkhas, that appeared in daily ‘The Nation’ Karachi dated June 2, 2017 on page number 14.

“At the outset, we would like to strongly deny that this disastrous incident happened due to increased gas pressure, as reported in your esteemed newspaper. Our technical/investigating team paid a comprehensive visit to the effected home where this tragic incidence had unfolded. In accordance to the findings of our team, the gas house pipeline fittings and other installations were found safe and in order,” stated SSGC press statement.

“The fact of the matter remains that the fire blast happened due to use of petrol that caused the loss of precious human lives. This cause has been established on the basis of information gathered from local people of the area by our team, from the local police investigation report, and as reported by the print and electronic media,” SSGC press statement further said. Furthermore it was also revealed that this incidence became suspicious as there was dispute of wealth amongst the family members and it could possibly be a planned incidence, it added.

“For your future reporting, we would highly appreciate if you consult company’s spokesperson or corporate communication department for verification of any kind of news relating to SSGC before publishing the same, for obtaining our point of view to balance your news story.”

Subsequently we would like you to put the facts in place and look forward to see our ‘press rebuttal’ being published at a prominent place in tomorrow’s edition of your esteemed newspaper.